Review of a casino site from web design point of view

October 24th, 2012 // In Uncategorized // 1 Babbles

Do you know how many online casinos there are on the web? There are various estimates and no doubt a detailed inventory of all licences online websites does exist, but discovering the real number isn’t easy, and new online casinos seem to spring up every couple of weeks. Some of them are fairly specialist and are run by little known operators, while others belong to some of the major gambling brands in the world.

Grand Lisboa, Macau
Grand Lisboa, Macau

Not all of them are successful, some just come and go and don’t attract that much attention, people may visit them but they don’t stick around too long and soon go elsewhere. Continue reading »

Fashionable Season’s Greetings Stickers

December 22nd, 2010 // In Blog Posts, Web/Graphic Designs // 21 Babbles

Seasons Greetings StickersHi folks! How’s your day? Three nights to go before Christmas and WOW!!! FELIZ NAVIDAD everyone!!! So here’s my gift for you especially to those fashionable ladies out there, but everyone can use this even the guys, hehehe!

Here are the Season’s Greetings Stickers for your gifts that will be given away to your fashionista friends. Men can use these too for their ladies, yikeee! Yeah! These are for FREE! Just print and paste it on your gift wrapper. By the way, it can also be a card instead of sticker :smile: I know it’s too late to give these stickers, but I hope you can still use these. Continue reading »

How to Animate an Advertisement in GIF (Pacifica Online)

December 20th, 2010 // In Tips and Tutorials // 29 Babbles

Pacifica OnlineMost  people who are new to Web Designing are asking how to animate their designs. Even if it is an advertisement or just a button, you can animate it as long as you are making it in Photoshop :smile:

Now, we are going to animate an advertisement. You can also do it for your button, icon or anything that you want to be animated. This time, we are going to animate a 300×250 px (MREC) banner ad.

This banner ad sample is quite simple. I am going to create a banner ad for my brother’s Facebook Game App which is called Pacifica Online MMORPG. YES! My brother is the founder of the game together with his amazing team named  Nexus Pixels! Continue reading »

Experience the 5 Popular Blogging Platforms for FREE!

December 8th, 2010 // In Blog Posts, Tips and Tutorials // 9 Babbles

Blogging PlatformsI’ve been uploading my video tutorial one week ago but I am having a hard time to wait for it until it was uploaded. While uploading the video, here’s some sweet strawberry for you!

Are you planning to have your own blog site? As what you have read on the title, yes it’s FREE. You can use these Blogging Platforms to make your own blog site. Most of my readers who are new to the cyber world want to have their own blog sites or what we called “online diary”. People’s attention nowadays is more of interest on sharing their own lifestyle by publishing their photos, videos, thoughts, artworks and etc. Then, what do you need to do to make your own blog site? You don’t have domain and hosting site? It’s not a problem anymore! Continue reading »

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